Purposely You is a journey with self to get to know who you are and allow yourself to be. That includes failing, learning, evolving (changing), exploring, and to just simply live. The goal is to fall in love with who you are and live in that confidentially. 

The idea of Purposely You came to me in 2016. I got that feeling that I needed to add something more meaningful to my life, which was perfect timing because it was during the time I desired to write. At first, I didn’t know what that looked like for myself until I came across blogging. That’s when Purposely You turned into an uplifting, life-sharing, positive vibes-only blog. It’s a compilation of things that I love, personal life experiences, self-reflections, a little bit of style (I try, lol😂), quotes that randomly flow through my mind, and me just being and sharing me. All in hopes that it helps and inspires you to be purposely you.

PURPOSELY YOU (2016 - 2023)

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I’m an actor, painter, and writer with a passion for storytelling. Join me on my writing journey as I continue to explore the depths of life.💭