Love how u talk about view on your own life determination’s the cycle in your life! Also something this makes me think about is the times we don’t just respond out of what we were taught! We respond out of our ego!! When something or someone hurts us our ego says throw it away but our heart says I want u so close to me and that’s why I’m crying ! Ego reacts in defensive! I also love the video when u said ask yourself questions! I think that’s the most important thing ever to do. I say this because yes a lot of people grow up thinking like others around them and never asked them selves if that’s really how THEY feel they should respond or react. Also as we grow our identities fluctuates based on our surroundings! So because if this asking yourself questions will really help you be true and purposely YOU !!!

Love it

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Yes sis this hit home for me!!!! Perception is 🔑. My perception is very optimistic, sometimes people don’t understand why my glass is always half full and never half empty. But I realize that, eventually you have to look at your own “glass” and fill it up with whatever makes you happy.!!🤗🫶🏼

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