Are Your Reactions Really Yours

Asking ourselves if our reactions to situations are really our own or something we were taught.


I've been reading books about perception and how that affects our world. The way we respond to what's going on in our life matters. However, because of social norms, we lean into believing that whatever "standard way of living" that is projected into society, is what we should adhere to doing. But that corrupts the natural frequency of an individual's life. We are not meant to copy and paste a conceptualized way of living. Everyone has to discover and live out their purpose.

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One of our most powerful attributes as human beings is our emotions. Man, oh man, how we feel about anything and everything matters. If you don't feel great about your life, then all you will perceive your life to be is in a negative way. That negative energy will attract itself back to you and pull you into a dark cycle. Verses, when you have a more upbeat and gratitude for your life. You'll attract peace and happiness. This doesn't mean there won't be not-so-good moments, but we hold the power of how long it will last.

It's important that we take a deeper look at things happening around us and become mindful of our reactions to them. Ask yourself if your reaction is really how you feel or if it is what you were taught. Meaning have you witnessed over and over again the same reaction to a particular event that made you believe that is the standard of what should be done in times like that. Most likely, that is the case. We have the power to change our life whenever we want and reset our minds to experience a more meaningful life. You may find that you desire to connect with a more purposeful and intentional way of living, and you start asking yourself certain things. That within itself is something beautiful. So, the next time you are faced with a situation that isn't the best, ask yourself, how should I respond to this situation? You find that most things don't bother you and aren't worth you disrupting your energy. Be excited about your life, and always remember to be purposely you!

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