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I enjoyed this experience! I think one thing I’ve always struggled with, was other peoples perceptions of me. Which caused me to put up this wall and be guarded from meeting new people. Always thinking they were judging me before they even got to know me. Ultimately this resulted in me judging my own self based on how they judged me. So doing this exercise and saying that “I am enough” exercise is a work in progress for me. I can say it 1000 times and there’s a part of me that believes that but then there’s this other voice from

Other people that has lived in my subconscious for years that says “no you are not”. But one thing I am learning to give myself more is GRACE! There’s a quote I love by Nick Cannon that says “I do what I can, and let God do what I can’t”. I have to learn to tell myself I am enough, I am doing my best, and I am trying! I don’t have it all together and that’s okay. But I will get there! And in all things I want to be Purposely ME, because I know I have purpose in this life. And one day the entire would will see this purpose. Thank You Racquel!

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It felt like the bully within couldn't handle insulting me face to face because the mirror made it clear that I am a person, too, so it got quiet all of a sudden in my mind (which says a lot because as someone with severe anxiety, it's challenging for me to escape that constant inner noise). The music and the words helped me re-center myself. It reminded me that it matters how I treat myself. Thank you so much for that reminder.

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